I’m an enthusiast for the aesthetic of life. The presentation of our lives can be deliberately cultivated but as the perceptible embodiment of preference and individuality, it is also created without our conscious acknowledgement. It is the observable summation of who we are; the parts we want to present, the parts we cannot help but show and the parts we choose to keep for only ourselves which forms the negative space in our projected design. The motivations behind these choices, or consequences as they may happen to be, fascinate me.

I want to live with intention. I want to take authority of and responsibility for the life I am living.

Here, you’re invited to be my witness.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! All this you are writing is at the point I am at, or somewhere around. I am ready to live my life loving living it and taking charge and responsability of it, I want to live with intention and I’m glad to know there is people out there living with intention already. I have made a lot of mistakes” or things that didn’t go in accordance with what I believed and just because I tried to follow or do the “right thing” took me to a very down side in my life I don’t want to fit or do things right I want to do what makes me happy and feels right to me. Taking a step onto unschooling . My boy is currently in kindergarten so trying to Figure out how the transition won’t affect him or leaving him the longer either. Anyway thank you for sharing!

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