001. The Backstory

I was born in 1988. I spent my childhood trying to make sense of the world. I couldn’t. But I realised I could work towards creating the world that would make sense to me. I’ve been dedicated to this idea ever since.

I became a parent to my first daughter a couple of months after my 21st birthday, in 2009. It was unintentional but welcomed all the same.

In 2010 her dad and I parted ways. I can’t tell you when exactly because it wasn’t a definitive line in the sand, it was a lot of uncertainty and back and forth. We’ve figured things out much more concretely since then and are pretty on par with the whole co-parenting thing. Raising a child with somebody I don’t live with is the hardest thing I’ve ever done and though it still hurts every time my daughter and I aren’t together, I can’t be thankful enough that her and her dad are able to have such a wonderful relationship despite the circumstances; sometimes things that feel instinctively wrong, aren’t exactly that clear cut.

In 2011, my daughter and I met someone brilliant, we found a little home together and in 2012 we welcomed another daughter to our family. The four of us lived in those two rooms (not bedrooms, two rooms full stop) for a week before we upgraded to a two bedroom apartment, then a house, then a bigger house.

In 2013, our eldest daughter turned 4 and began attending kindy, a five day fortnight of play and art. It was lovely but it wasn’t for us and we now live a life without school. It is the best thing ever.

In 2015 we adopted the final member of our family; a 5 month old rescue kitten named Houdini. Respectful parenting a cat doesn’t really work but I still can’t help but try, it is how we have always been as guardians to others.

Life was wonderful yet entirely too constant to enjoy in the way we wanted. Something was off. Over the course of 2015, we decluttered our life culminating in the ditching of the bigger house and the responsibility it held over us in early 2016. We moved back to a two bedroom apartment with only our favourite and most necessary possessions and commitments. Things got clearer.

Most recently, the shop where someone brilliant worked closed down and as a casual employee we were left with no income on no notice and understandably wounded from the suddenty. We’re still figuring it all out, enjoying the extra time together as we do.

And that brings you very broadly speaking up to date. Let the story continue…

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  1. Thanks! I like knowing more about your background! Just so it’s not one-sided, I’m a mid-30s mom to three girls, 4, 2, and 9 months in a suburb of Dallas, Texas. My eldest is in a Montessori preschool two mornings a week, which works for us right now, but I hope to homeschool once it feels like we’re a bit more out of the trenches with three very little kids. When she’s not at preschool, we read, paint, visit museums, etc

    1. Sounds lovely! Thank you for sharing. Young ones are so constant but it shifts so much quicker than you expect!!

  2. So lovely to read more about you. I am Sandra, mom to a 4,5yo boy and a 14 month old girl. We live in Germany. We are homeschooling our two kids, but tried preschool for a while but wasn’t our thing. Since officially homeschooling is illegal here we are relocating next year. In the course we are about to downsize but it is hard. And hubby is still quite reluctant about it.

    1. Welcome! Thank you for sharing, where are you thinking of moving too? It seems insanity for it to be illegal!! Hopefully the more he sees you do and feels the changes it brings, he will get more on board.

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