Choose Sleep

I wake up before the rest of my family some days, often enough. When people ask me how I manage everything, I do an internal fist pump celebrating an opening to discuss minimalism and the power of reducing your space, possessions and commitments but I also think one of the biggest things that has influenced a shift is getting enough sleep!

Now, this is not something we can always influence but if you’re like me, you probably aren’t helping it along either. I would stay up late, doing things that weren’t important and weren’t adding to my life, just because of the allusive idea of missing out and “me time”. Then wake up tired and regretful. But I thought if I cut into my “me time” or if I missed out on “something”, I’d be more regretful, I’d be less capable.

I now remind myself every night, “if it’ll still be there in the morning, choose sleep. Always choose sleep”; conversations, my blog, social media feeds, entertainment… it will still be there tomorrow. But the time I have to sleep is finite each night and will transform me; I’ll be better able to tackle my day efficiently, I’ll have more energy, more patience, more clarity, more! Sleep always makes the biggest difference. Sleep should be the priority. I find if you’re not on top of sleep, you’re not on top of anything!

I choose now to go to bed alongside the kids or soon after, around 9 or no later than 10. And when I wake, not from an alarm or a child stirring. I wake after enough sleep! I’m sometimes the only one up and can have time to myself then; and I find my time before 8am is always better spent than my time after 9pm. My mind is clearer to blog, I can walk in the early morning sun, I can start washing or prepare for the day instead of avoiding it.

If it’ll still be there tomorrow, choose sleep. Always choose sleep!

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  1. Wise words. Living through a family crisis without sleep (no alarm clocks and racing out the door) & slow living I wouldn’t have been able to cope.

    Minimalism is wonderful. A life saver.

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