Immy: Looking After Your Cat

Hi, I’m Immy. This is a post about looking after your pet cat. It is a nice life but also a lot of responsibility having a pet. These are some things which you have to do to look after a cat.

Play With Them
Cats enjoy playing with things so maybe get them a toy. We also play downstairs with our cat, we watch him in the wild, we play follow the leader with him. Sometimes he follows us.

Give Them Alone Time
I find this quite hard, he is so cute but cats need some alone time. When they’re asleep, try not to wake them up. If they move away from you that’s a sign they want space.

Keep Them Healthy

  • Keeping their water bowl filled and fresh, we fill it up whenever we feed him and when its necessary
  • Keeping them well fed, we feed our cat two times a day
  • Some pets need washing but cats wash themselves
  • If they get sick, take them to a vet and see what’s wrong. If they are a little bit sick, they might eat grass to try and get better by throwing up.

Changing Kitty Litter
Some cats need help learning to use litter but ours knew. You change it as much as your cat needs, don’t leave it dirty!

We adopted our cat. His name is Houdini. He is a boy. He is 2 and a half years old and lived with us 2 years. I love him so much because he is so cute and fun and funny. Yesterday he climbed a tree and he jumped onto another branch and was hanging by his paws, he was okay and got down safe.

Do you have a pet?

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  1. Hi Immy
    As you know we have a cat called Licky we all love. He is an old cat so probably needs more alone time than Dini. He misses his brother Cazzy who passed away after being sick last year. We must him too!
    Loved your post about Dini and how much you love and care for him.

  2. Hi Immy

    We have a dog, his name is Tahnu. I loved reading your article about looking after your cat!

    Alex & Teddy

  3. Hi Immy,
    We have a beautiful black cat called Anastasia. She was also a rescue kitten. We usually call her ‘kitten’ as she’s a small cat from being quite sick when she was found.
    She’s 3 1/2 years old and we love her dearly.
    Thank you for sharing about Houdini and how you care for him.
    Cats are wonderful!😻

    Anna, Abbey & Peter

  4. Hi Immy,
    You are a very caring and kind cat mama! I will show Emily this tomorrow. I once had a cat named Pearl and she was seriously friends with neighborhood skunks! No joke!

  5. Hi Immy! It’s lovely to get to know your Dini Cat through your own words. He sounds so special. Our family has 9 fish, 2 dogs, one cat and 2 birds. It’s so much fun learning to care for animals, and they make the best friends.

  6. What a nice post, Immy, you are a good writer! We are definitely a pet family. We actually aren’t allowed to have cats in the house we rent, even though they are my favorite pet (darn!) But we make up for it! My oldest daughter has a dog named Tucker and a rabbit named Peter. My next oldest daughter is the biggest pet lover in the house. She thinks we should get a horse and keep it in her bed room and once when she was little she declared that she wouldn’t leave the park until we let her catch a duck to keep! Haha. She has a goldfish she won at a school carnival, a mouse named Bean, a guinea pig named Margo Pepper, a Mama rabbit named Mocha with three little babies named Thumper, Benjamin, and Tinkerbell. Whew!

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