If School Was Not An Option

When you’re exploring a life without school, there can feel like a lot of barriers.

You may still be processing your fears surrounding certain things and find comfort in how school seems to effortlessly cover them for you; academics, socialisation, having to do things you don’t want to do, access to a wide variety of opportunities and resources, exposure to diversity, discipline, a successful future. School, especially when you’re newly considering moving away from that, seems like a catch all answer.

But what if school didn’t exist? What if school wasn’t sold to you as the easy answer?

How then would you approach your concerns? How then would you approach your life?

Because whatever it is you believe school can provide, you can’t separate that from everything else. It is a catch all answer but you’re not the only one asking questions and perhaps you’re still asking the wrong ones.

Either way you have to take it all.

Keeping school in the back of your mind, prevents you from fully appreciating anything else. School is in the way, blurring the vision of any alternative. It’s keeping you stuck in the spiral of its expectations.

So what if you decided that whatever it is offering is not worth the price? What if you took it away as an option?

Suddenly you’re looking at a much different picture. You’re maintaining personal responsibility for the things you find important and you have the space to focus on those exclusively.

Why would you choose something off the menu knowing it comes with a side order of things you do not want when you can build your own reality from the infinite buffet?

Why would you choose a house somebody else designed with their agenda in mind when you have the option to completely customise your own?

Is the convenience really worth all the things you’d have to compromise?

So forget imitating school. Again, how would you resolve things if school was not an option? How would you live your life if nobody offered you a cookie-cutter blue print?

What is it that you and your family actually want and need?

Because when you think about it, is school really an option for you? It’s not for me.

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  1. Love the house analogy. I liken our lifestyle like gathering my lovelies into the kitchen to make food together rather than eating out or drive through. We make it together. We know what’s in our food. We experience it all together. It feels wholesome, nurturing and healthy. 🌸

    Even in our crisis, tears flow very easily, the last photo made me smile. Totally brilliant on many levels.✌🏼

    1. Oh I’m so excited somebody found it as humerous as I did hehe, very much intentional 😉

      I really love your analogy! I hope things shift for your family soon ❤️

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