“Kid’s Don’t Remember Their Best Day of Television”

“Kid’s don’t remember their best day of television”

I’ve heard it, you’ve heard it. There’s those memes with the beautiful nature backdrop that do the loop of facebook reminding us just how wasteful time spent on screens really is.

Every time I come across this sentiment, I cringe laugh. I’m sorry, it’s just so antiquated! Far out, we are so afraid of screens right? And maybe especially of kids enjoying screens. The horror!

Is nature hurting so bad for publicity it has to boost its image at the expense of something else’s? Do we really think nature needs to put screens down to be attractive? Isn’t that sadder than whatever it is the message is actually trying to circumvent?

Nature is brilliant, in its own right. Let’s not be lazy about it.

Also, I mean, is it even true? I have a sneaking suspicion that they actually might, you know, remember some screens.

I know I do from when I was a child.

I remember carefully selecting the menu of snacks and the anticipation of the witty commentary my family would contribute to that nights entertainment. I still look forward to particular shows, shared with the family I grew up with because I remember how it felt. That ever nostalgic comforting feeling.

Sometimes, when I am particularly anxious, I watch Spongebob. And I’m counting on those memories to be there.

And sure I have memories of other things too; rollerblading every weekend and the beach, windy mountain tracks and my beloved bike. Because brains, oh they are so clever and they can remember many things, oh so very many things.

Including the shame that develops when a parent dismisses and belittles ones joy.

I’m not afraid of screens. I am afraid of a person feeling conflicted about embracing their enjoyment in something to comfort their parent’s conditioned fears. Because the resounding sentiment of that quote is true; you only have one existence…. why would you want someone to spend it shrinking their fun?

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  1. We had plenty of great times together in the park, but my favorite sibling memories involve Sonic the Hedgehog <3

  2. I AM afraid of screens. I was addicted a few years ago and got nothing accomplished. It was sad. So I banned screens from my home for a while.

    I understand and appreciate your input here and in the post about self regulation. Ultimately we’re free to decide how we live our lives. I need to stop trying to control others (my kids) so they know for themselves when it’s time to stop.

    I’m not going to be with them when they’re older so they should learn now and trust themselves.

    Thank you again for writing and explaining that there is a better way.

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