Self Motivation: Recognising Transition

I think about transition a lot. That point in labour where I didn’t think I could go on. Where I wanted to run and quit, where giving up felt like the only option. Where I was completely overwhelmed and exhausted and the thought of existing like that for any longer didn’t seem possible.

And then I remember how soon after I was holding my daughter. How proud I felt, how strong and capable and fierce. And how incredibly worth it all of that effort was.

I didn’t think I could do it and yet I did.

I think about transition a lot. Because I think they happen everywhere.

And one of the most powerful things I have realised in life for me is that often the moment where it feels the hardest, too hard. That is when I am so very close to making it through.

I am constantly asking myself; am I really at my limit or is this transition?

When it gets hard, I find myself excited and I’m often inspired to go harder.

I want to believe it is that last sprint to the finish line. I want to believe I am more capable than I can imagine. I want to make it.

And every time I do, that belief grows.

And even if I don’t? I find satisfaction in what I have given. I’m not left with what ifs.

I think about transition a lot. Because when I think I’m going to break, it’s so often a part of the process of becoming something new.

That pain, that discomfort, that overwhelm is not something I want to avoid, it’s necessary; it’s transition.

Photo courtesy of a talented friend.

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  1. This is such a great post. I also think about transition alot and sometimes feel like its ongoing and that we are just in the midst of full of transition all the time. Or that’s how its felt for a good 5 years. Thankfully now there are more times where I put my head up and feel immense gratitude for our journey.
    p.s Please keep writing and sharing <3

    1. Thank you! I feel like my transitions are definitely coming closer and closer together. So appreciate you letting me know you’re enjoying my writing, certainly plan to keep sharing!

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