Self Motivation: Re-framing Failure

So you’ve made a commitment. And you’re making decisions that align with this commitment. Things are clicking. You’re doing it.

And then, you’re not. You skip a training session, you miss a day blogging, you eat out instead of saving.

Ah shit, fail.

So where did that motivation go? What happened?

Well, I have a theory and whether it is reality or not, it sees me tapping into self compassion and keeps me from thinking that things are doomed.

It essentially helps me to actually stay motivated when I don’t seem to be.

Motivation doesn’t disappear, it gets transferred somewhere else.

You didn’t lose your motivation; something else was just a higher priority in that moment.

Sleep. Rest. Convenience. Family. Friends. Whatever you did instead, was simply more important.

I re-frame my choices as investing in something different rather than dodging this perceived dominant commitment.

Because when you’re existing, you’re never investing in nothing and there is no commitment necessarily inherently more valuable than any other (well, perhaps breathing).

There are no universally ideal actions; every moment of every day we need to make adaptive decisions about what is of most benefit to ourselves within our current circumstances.

So most of the time that means I do my training and blogging and saving.

But if I don’t, I’m understanding. I am comfortable because I can appreciate why. I get it.

And if I can’t? Then it makes it very clear to me what choice I want to make moving forward. It re-inspires me.

Essentially I’m a dynamic person and what suits me isn’t static.

And I’m far more motivated when I’m going into things with the attitude that this is for me so if at anytime what’s for me is different (permanently or temporarily) than really, so should my choices be.

Motivation doesn’t disappear, it gets transferred somewhere else.

And well, if it can be transferred elsewhere, it can be transferred back.

So technically, you’re still doing it. The “it” just shifts.


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