My Children Don’t Find Me Insightful

I had a kind of humorous and heartening realisation the other day; my children do not find me insightful.

When I share things here, the feedback I receive is often relating to how the perspective I’ve provided is revolutionary and challenges them to think in ways they hadn’t considered before. And oh how I find that so exciting.

But when I share what I’m writing about with my children? Their reaction is the equivalent of a giant “duh”. This is not new or confronting information in the slightest. And that is even more exciting.

Whilst in this space I do hope to inspire people, what we are all doing in our homes is even more powerful than that.

We are raising a generation of children who do not need to be convinced of their validity. Respect for children is their default. Isn’t that so incredible to consider?

I love thinking about a world where people don’t need proof before they consider treating children as the humans they are, where we can all focus on how we do that rather than why. And then a world where it is commonplace to know how because it is all one knows.

I write not so that I may become widely read, I write so that my insights may one day become redundant. My children are a window into that reality.

My children do not find me insightful, they find my opinion completely standard. And I’m so glad.


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