Unschooling: an Everyday Kind of Day

Something I’ve come to realise is that the more you know about something, the less intimidating it becomes. The idea of casting aside school and going it alone sounds pretty intimidating. The reality of it though is not intimidating at all.

You can literally do anything and everything with your new found freedom. But that doesn’t mean you have to do anything and everything.

So what does it actually look like to live a life without school? Sometimes it looks pretty exciting perhaps overwhelming and exhausting if you consider that to be the standard day, every day but a lot of the days are slow and quiet and look well, pretty much just like this…


I began my day at 5:30am. I see a personal trainer, with my mum, a couple of times a week. When I get home, everyone (including our cat, Houdini) is still snoozing in the family bed. I use this time to check up on my blog and social media.


Everyone is now awake. The kids begin their day in the lounge, chatting dreams and playing. The adults sit on the couch, watching the kids and discussing what needs to be done today. Verdict? Not a lot. There’s some dishes in the sink but that’s about it. My favourite days are ones with nothing to do any no-where to be.


The kids move to the office, eating breakfast and watching youtube; Immy is watching SeaPeeKay and Aubrey is watching LDShadowLady. The adults begin on the dishes and throw on a load of washing. With that out of the way and the kids still content to watch, we take a moment for ourselves.

10am & 11am.

Immy is keen to play some games so we all join her in the lounge. We play for hours; Jenga, the Big Fat Tomato Game, Rat-a-Tat Cat, Sushi Go and Hot Tin Roof. We have a pretty extensive boardgame collection but these ones are always in high rotation.

12 noon.

As we are playing Hot Tin Roof, the kids start to drift in and out of the game and into their own play. The begin constructing cat houses and a story of the lives lived within them. As the game finishes, their play continues.


Over the hour, the adults prepare lunch of each person’s choosing while the kids continue to play. They’re taking a selfie in the game to send to other friends in the game. I notice I am in frame as I try to grab a photo and apologise! But they want me to stay in the photo and think it is hilarious; Immy exclaims “it’s photoception”.

2pm & 3pm.

The game is wrapping up and everyone has eaten. We decide to play some Minecraft mini games together. We play Murder Mystery, Bed Wars, Pixel Painters and Build Wars for hours.


It is unseasonably hot where we live these last few days but thankfully, our apartment gets a lovely breeze and tends to remain cool. Around 4, it feels a good time to join Houdini for a run around. We play a kind of modified chasey game and collect some rocks. Aubrey has an ever expanding rock collection (amongst a few other collections).


We head back upstairs a bit after 5 and Aubrey sets about assessing her finds. One of the rocks reminds her of the youtube symbol so she decides to paint it. Immy likes the sound of that and asks if she could have a cat shaped rock to paint which Aubrey supplies her. We begin preparing dinner.


We bring all the dishes out to the table (my phone was low on battery, oops, so this is part way through that process). People serve out things they’d like and we eat. We talk about some of the things coming up over the weekend and early next week.


After dinner the kids play around on their phones for a bit, helping each other out in dragon city. We decide it is time to bring up the fan and spend time sounding like robots speaking into it. Then the kids play some more Minecraft while we tidy up the kitchen.

8pm & 9pm.

Aubrey is ready for bed, Chris and I lay with her while she falls asleep. Immy wants to watch a few things before bed and joins us a bit after 9 when she’s finished. We are all asleep soon after.

And that’s it. Nothing elaborate or complicated necessary, just spending our days together doing things we enjoy. Pretty manageable right?

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  1. this sounds great. my husband is a 9 to 5er so it would be just me if i decided to unschool my son which can seem daunting, I’m enjoying your blog. do you work from home as well?

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