Minimalist Christmas Tree

When we were editing our possessions, one of the things we needed to assess was the merit of seasonal decorations. It didn’t seem to make sense to commit storage space for things that were only used periodically. But we didn’t want to let go of the traditions entirely.

Something we enjoy about these yearly occasions is how they capture snapshots of time. When we look back at our children blowing out their birthday candles, we are reminded of the things that were important to them as well because of the cake they choose and I love that so much.

So whilst we wanted to discontinue storing a Christmas tree and decorations year round, we wanted to maintain a tradition for Christmas that would capsule this season of our life.

Solving this resulted in the most spectacular tree, made entirely of things we already kept on hand year round for various other purposes; art supplies!

Butcher’s paper which we use for making gift wrapping, banners, brainstorming and planning or simply large scale pictures made the perfect canvas. The kids wanted the tree to span the height of the wall so we measured out two strips that would and laid them side by side. They each drew the outline for one side of the tree and then together we painted it.

The first decoration we needed to figure out was something for the top. We decided on a star which Aubrey offered to draw for Immy to cut out as cutting was something Immy really enjoyed doing at the time.

Then we began drawing other things to add; some that you would expect like candy canes and baubles but others that meant something to us like cats and Pokemon.

Over the December month, our tree slowly filled with more and more decorations; more and more little pieces of us!

We also began a paper chain, originally intended to decorate other parts of the house but Immy thought it could look like tinsel on the tree and we all agreed. It gave the tree beautiful dimension and texture as well as more space to fill!

We also invited our friends to make decorations for our tree too and because paper is so sendable, even those far away were able to contribute. Now our tree not only captured the things that were important to us through the year but the people too.

It turned out spectacular. Beautiful, simple and meaningful; exactly what we wanted.

Though as for our concerns about storing decorations year round? Well, we imagined that at some point the tree would leave our walls but we loved it so much that that never happened… I think this year’s version might end up next to it ha.

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